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When your drill is down, you need someone who can get you turning to the right as quickly and profitably as possible.

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Our service team is committed to solving problems and helping others. We approach every breakdown with a sense of urgency knowing that there are people and families depending on that drill. Our team deploys experience and training to identify failures.

We want to minimize the cost of parts and time it takes to get you back to drilling. the person at the end of the drill is who we support. Venture is committed to training and keeping the best technicians in the industry to keep you turning to the right! 

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Our People

We invest heavily in the best technicians in the industry so we can increase your profitability and productivity.


We use industry leading technology and our own proprietary technology to diagnose and manage our customer's assets.

Education and training

We are passionate about the transfer of knowledge. As a company, we are always growing in our own education as well as transferring that knowledge to the next generation.

our Equipment

All of Our service trucks are new and decked out with the tools needed to get you up and running as soon as humanly possible.

Our processes

We are constantly learning and we are constantly applying what we learn to better and more efficient ways of getting you back to drilling.

What we value

We value nothing less than doing the job right, the first time. We deliver high quality workmanship and accurate diagnosis of your issues to keep you drilling.

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